Green solar lighting kit

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Solar Lighting Kit

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Green solar lighting kit



Functions and Characteristics

This device is a kind of portable power-supply solar system, especially made for DC power appliances and electronic products. It is widely used in mobile phone charging, emergency lighting and outdoor camping. Its mainfeatures are as follows:

1.With Compact chassis, LED lamps and connecting cables, it is very easy and convenient to use.

2.Having two DC 6V outputinterfaces, we can charge two pieces 1W/6V LED lamps simultaneously.

3.The intelligent chip control prevents the solar system from overcharge, overload, short-circuit, reverse-charging, which guarantees the whole system to perform effectively as well as long life duration. 

4.DC6V output port can be used for specially designed DC bulbs.

5.With USB 5V output port for mobile charging.

Model No.
:	OS-LS0101
Solar Panel
:	5W/5V
Battery Capacity
:	Lithium Battery : 8000mAH/3.7V
Fully-charged Time In Sun
:	2 days
USB Output
:	1A/5V
DC Output
:	0.9A/6.6V
Built-in LED Parameters
:	 Level One:15LM  0.18W/
Level Two:45LM  0.5W/
 Level Three:95LM  1.0W